About Us

Why we're here

Two Circles Cycling was born out of a fascination with the simple elegance and athleticism of cycling. In no other sport do you find the same combination of brutal suffering, absurd physical efforts, and timeless style.

Whether a bicycle is an Eroica-era steel steed used by the likes of Coppi and Gimondi or a featherlight carbon ride favored by today's peloton, the grit and beauty of cycling remain unchanged while the equipment takes enormous strides forward.

In cycling, we pass through open space and our only constant is change. That's because to keep moving forward, a cyclist must keep pedaling.

Two Circles Cycling adheres to this axiom -- we believe that the best way forward is to propel oneself with pure determination, just as the greats do when ascending the Monte Zoncalon or the Paterberg. For us, that means *never resting* in our quest to bring the most innovative fabrics, fits, and production methods available so that you not only ride faster, but also look good and feel comfortable while doing so.

As cyclists, we contribute to the wellness of the world with every pedal stroke by not adding emissions to the atmosphere. In keeping with cycling's inherent eco-friendliness, we use premium Italian MITI fabrics, a Bluesign-approved fabric recognized for its low environmental impact. Besides being the ecological choice, MITI fabrics are known the world over as a best-in-class cycling fabric. You'll find MITI fabrics in kits that deliver the utmost in performance -- such as those used in the World Tour, and those created by us here at Two Circles Cycling.

From our high-performing, ultra-comfortable, and eco-friendly cycling equipment to our elegant, unique, and timeless designs, Two Circles Cycling is all about one thing: enabling you to make the most out of every ride. Keep pedaling..