June 21, 2017

We wake just after 5am.  The streets are quiet and the air isn't heavy with humidity yet.  The route is well rehearsed and wide for the twenty to thirty riders who meet up for the club rides.  We know where the climbs are, where the sun will rise high enough to warm your face.  It's a routine, in that good way.  As we roll back towards the city center the mass commute has begun.  Lines queue at the transit stops, traffic gets heavier and coffee shops are hustling their brew.  On weekends the rides get us out of the city but during the week we become a part of it.  In and out of the long casting shadows, dodging jaywalkers and impatient drivers.  Sometimes frustrating but most of the time exhilarating. It's definitely more hazardous than a country road but it's where we live and we embrace it.

Photography by Seetoh Lang @seetohlang

Riders @jenna7788 and @kendrapegg

Location: Toronto

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