January 08, 2016



For most of us in the northern hemisphere it becomes a bit challenging, both physically and mentally, to get outside on the bike. A lot of us take the training indoors but some bundle up and brave the elements. Snow, ice and wind be damned.


Whether you’re outside losing feeling in your toes or inside sweating away in your living room why not listen to a podcast from TrainerRoad’s Ask a Cycling Coach? Their advice is super helpful. You’ll be totally blown away by their knowledge and insight.


If we’re not on the bike we can usually be found whiling away the time with the encyclopedia of videos found on Global Cycling Network's YouTube channel. It’s easy to get lost in all the awesome content while you contemplate moving to warmer climates for the winter.


Need some visual and intellectual inspiration? Head over to The Radavist. This site covers under-the-radar cycling events and adventures.  Along with some product features and great photography it's the perfect site to peruse with your morning coffee.


If your recent year-end Strava video got your ego pumping with all those KOMs and crazy elevations then you might be considering moving to Majorca to train for the 2016 Spring classics. Head over to The Inner Ring first to polish up on your pro race and rider knowledge. Gotta know your competition right?


Wait! You’re gonna need some new gear first. Check out the reviews at BikeRumour before you drop 10K on the new bike.


Happy riding! – Joseph + Jaime 



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