January 01, 2016

You’ve officially made it through the most wonderful (and most indulgent!) time of year – congratulations! How do you feel entering 2016; did you write out any goals or make new routines a priority?

For me, I take December to relax and break my ‘normal’ routine. This often includes more social time with friends and family, snacking on holiday treats nightly, and sipping a few extra glasses of wine – and I do this all without shame!

My lack of shame comes from the fact that I know January is all about resetting. This includes incorporating new healthy habits into my daily routine and picking back up with the old ones that may have been dropped over the past month. As a cyclist living in Toronto, keeping fit during the winter months is usually top priority so that I can feel strong and conditioned when the nicer weather arrives. I teach and ride indoor classes 3-5x per week at CYKL indoor cycling studio downtown Toronto to keep my base fitness up, but I’ll admit I still have my days when it can seem daunting to get out the door to workout. We have all been there, so here are my top 3 tips to ensure you attend your workouts and feel great while doing them.

1. Nourish
The food you eat each day is exactly what your body will tap into when it’s time to break a sweat. Having the cheeseburger and fry sweats is not only gross to think about, but it’s also not optimal fuel for sport performance! This is why I suggest taking some time to learn about healthy pre-, during, and post-workout fuel so that you are nourishing your body and providing it with the macro and micronutrients needed for energy. Be sure to stay tuned for future blog posts diving deeper into each of these topics.

2. Stimulate (on occasion), if necessary
Great news! Caffeine is a known sport performance enhancer, and when used in a timely manner it can help to boost your energy and provide you with the mental focus needed to accomplish your daily workout. If you are someone who consumes caffeine, try adding in 100mg of caffeine about 20-30 minutes pre-workout for a boost. Some of my favourite sources include a single shot of espresso, green tea orVega Pre Workout Energizer.

*If you’re having trouble getting up for early morning sweat sessions – use this tip. Mix 1 scoop of pre-workout energizer into 1 cup of water and keep it beside your bed. When you’re alarm goes off, immediately drink the energizer. Wait 5 minutes, and I guarantee you won’t ever miss a workout again!

3. Schedule 
I don’t have a lot to say about this one, except for that the most motivated, driven and reliable people that I know ALL schedule their workouts ahead of time. Use your planner or your iPhone calendar and carve out a few minutes each weekend to take a look at the coming week’s schedule. Then, slot in 1 hour for movement each day. And on days when you don’t have a set ‘end time’ at work, ensure that you’re penciling in an early morning movement option.

    Kelsey Reidl is a Toronto-based holistic nutritionist, indoor cycling coach and marketing manager for Vega. She is passionate about educating athletes on the importance that nutrition plays in fuelling their best sport performance, as well as promoting sustainable health and wellness to her clients. In her spare time you can find her trying out all of the city's amazing fitness studios and coffee shops, and when weather permits she’s riding her BMC road bike for as long as time permits. You can follow Kelsey on Instagram to see her latest musings.


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