December 31, 2015


We had an amazing year at Two Circles and are looking forward to 2016!  

Last year we launched our first complete collection and connected with so many great cyclists from around the world who shared their photos and gave us great feedback.

We've started this blog in order to bring you useful information on training, nutrition, bike maintenance and more as well as to keep you informed on all the exciting things happening at Two Circles.

Our biggest news for 2016 is that we will now produce all our cycling kits and outerwear in Canada!  This is something that's really important to us on so many levels.  We looked at companies like Everlane, Archival Clothing, American Apparel, etc... and got inspired to do the same. Not only does this allow us a greater deal of control on the production of our cycling clothing but it also keeps jobs in North America and reduces our carbon footprint.

So enjoy our first post on January 1st by nutritionist/cycling coach Kelsey Reidl who gives us some advice on bouncing back from holiday indulgences.


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