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Cycling In The City

We wake just after 5am.  The streets are quiet and the air isn't heavy with humidity yet.  The route is well rehearsed and wide for the twenty to thirty riders who meet up for the club rides.  We know where the climbs are, where the sun will rise high enough to warm your face.  It's a routine, in that good way.  As we roll back towards the city center the mass commute has begun.  Lines queue at the transit stops, traffic gets heavier and coffee shops are hustling their brew.  On weekends the rides get us out of the city but during the week we become a part of it.  In and out of the long casting shadows, dodging jaywalkers...

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TWO CIRCLES x BOWW 2017 Club Kit We are so excited to be collaborating with our local club BOWW (Bikes On Wheels Women). Not only is it great to be working with this wonderful crew but a nice bonus is that the proceeds will be supporting an amazing cause.  Proceeds from this purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood Toronto! Feel good and look good! Check it out here!  

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The Giro D'Italia Pin Story

In a small fishing village attached to the lesser visited Italian Cilento Coast we took off to ride a stage of the 2013 Giro D'Italia. We had missed the Giro but trace evidence still lingered on the roads and in towns of the small villages the stage had sweep through. The spectators were gone.  The parade of team buses, cars, media and sponsors, gone.  Quiet freshly paved roads, abandoned barriers teetering into ditches and trampled grass where the fans had stood for hours waiting for riders to speed past were some of the evidence that lingered. Months of preparation and anticipation vanishing within a few breaths. We passed under banners and pennants strung across the streets.  Our wheels rolling over...

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